I Will Box The Napkins For The Future Munchkins

I had so much fun at my granddaughter’s wedding. I don’t know why so many of the wedding guests didn’t get the clue on her invitations. To me it was crystal clear. I may have understood her more clearly because we have watched the Wizard of Oz together for years. When she was really small she was slightly frightened, but as she got older we had many long conversations about the movie and how wonderful it was. To be able to visit a place where dreams really do come true would be magical indeed. Her wedding was just as magical as she wanted and I hope her dreams truly do come true. I even kept several trinkets stashed away for my future grandchildren. I made a keepsake box of personalized napkins, candles and a few of her flowers which I will dry and put away. If I am not around to see my grandchildren, I will enjoy the memories just as well.

Don’t Use Those Napkins!

Do you have any idea how much those personalized napkins cost? That is what
I wanted to scream when I saw one of my wedding guests sopping up a
spilled drink off of the floor. Paper towels are used for spills, the
expensive, gorgeous napkins are to spread in your lap for your face and
hands. Really, you would think people would know the value of these. Do
they look like Bounty quicker, picker uppers? Check out those beautifully
embossed initials while you are smearing it all over that nasty floor. I
had to hold back from rushing to the kitchen and tossing a roll of paper
towels at her. It was best for me to just look away. Why let a little spelt
drink ruin my wedding?

My Favors Were Bugged

I checked and rechecked my list. Everything was moving along so smoothly.
No glitches so far and the wedding was on schedule. I had even created my
wedding favors ahead of time. Created is the key word here. I mentioned
my love for crafting before. Why I took on such an endeavor with so much
on my plate is still a mystery to me. Perhaps I needed an aversion to my
other tedious chores. Taking time to put the favors together was totally
relaxing. I molded my own tops to my jars of locally made honey. The tops
of the jars were made with bread dough and molded to look like a wedding
cake. They turned out beautifully. I couldn’t have been more pleased with
the outcome.

What came the day before the wedding was a complete shock. Mom was loading
the car with the final decorations and wedding things to take to the
church. She had the boxes of favors and took a last look in them to make
sure there were no broken jars. There were tiny bugs all inside of
the boxes.

Can We Reverse Those Invitations?

I wish I had never sent out those wedding invitations. This planning process has us at each others’ throats. We even argued last evening over the way we each played with the cat. My fiance is careless and wild with the kitten and will take him down to the panting stage. I, on the other hand, seemed to have been waving his play wand too hard and it smacked him in the head. I said he ran into the wand, my fiance said I keep inadvertently hitting him in the head on purpose. Like I said, something has to give. I know it is the process of marriage that has us totally stressed. How can I change it? I am trying not to throw too many decisions at him all at the same time. This isn’t totally fair from my standpoint because somebody has to make the choices. We are calling each other stupid and irresponsible and neither of us means it. Maybe we need to postpone the whole thing until we are more ready. Does everybody go through this kind of fire to get to the other side?

The Generous Decorations Just In Time

I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I am a school teacher and have
been instructing fifth graders for four years now. It is truly the most
rewarding career choice one can make. To begin a school year with timid,
confused students and end it with self confident smiling young people
builds your self esteem and self worth. I recently got married and funds
were running tight for the ceremony. Being a teacher consumes my entire
life. I really don’t socialize or get out much. My evenings are filled
with parent conferences or paper grading. Let’s not forget planning for
the next day and week along with keeping up with the constant paperwork the
school board requires. If I didn’t have to jump through all of their hoops
life would be much simpler. Planning that wedding was a tremendous task.
On top of that stress, keeping it within my budgeted guidelines seemed
impossible. My students came to the rescue. My homeroom class gave me a
thousand dollar American Express card. It couldn’t have come at a more
opportune moment. I was able to complete the wedding decorations and help
pay for the reception. How do you say thank you to such a generous gift?

Massive platypus

A massive platypus could have swum within the waters of Australia about 5 million to 15 million years ago. Researchers found a substantial fossil molar while in the Riversleigh World Heritage Location and decided the tooth belonged to Obdurodon tharalkooschild, a new, extinct species of platypus. Paleontologists now realize of four extinct and one surviving species of platypus. On the basis of the shape and size of the teeth, the just determined platypus species was about a meter long — twice the size of the living species of the mammal — and likely crunched through tortoises and other shelled prey.

A Timely Wedding

Susie’s getting married this weekend. It’s about time, I was wondering if that girl would ever settle down. Kids these days just aren’t the same as they were when I was young. I was married right out of college, no questions asked. We had three healthy boys and a dog. We took happy family vacations on the weekends when Bill was home from the city. I lived a happy life in the same town I grew up in and raised my children in peace and quiet. Never wanted much more. I think my granddaughter takes after my sister; she was the wild on in the family. Always had a new boyfriend and was asking me for money. I’m happy Susie got it out of her system and found such a nice boy to have a family with. It will be nice to see what she’s chosen for decorations and as wedding favors. She always had such an eclectic taste. I’m sure her mother will look beautiful and her father as dashing as always. He’s such a charismatic fellow.

A Wedding Puzzle

We recently went to a wedding that was nothing short of beautiful. The table cloths really stood out to everyone as crazy as that sounds. They were white but had a shimmer to them. They seemed to set off the reception hall without being too much. They did not take away the details of all other aspects of the hall and yet they enhanced them. That is a decorating plus. Back to the wedding itself. We were given puzzle pieces as wedding favors. These were not jigsaw pieces but rather an odd shaped piece of wood. All of the pieces had to be joined together to create a single piece of art. It was multidimensional and very complicated because of the many people that had pieces. It was a totally unique way to gift wedding favors and it brought everyone together to enjoy something interesting. I had never seen that done before but we all enjoyed it. Even those guests who did not want to participate gave us their pieces and gathered around to see the final product. In the end it was a large heart that seemed suspended by its tip. We were really proud of it as a group. The wedding party then painted the heart and it became a solid piece. The couple has it within their home today. It is a reminder of the fun we had on their special day. This was a really great way to do something original that everyone could enjoy.

B2B Symbiotic Relationship

B2B telemarketing differs from most people’s understanding of telemarketing. This isn’t the kind of phone call you get when you’re sitting at home for dinner with your family and some unknown long distance number starts harassing you. Or it is an automated machine on the other end of the line who makes you wait until they’re ready to talk to you. Most cold call telemarketers that phone residences in an attempt to sell anything to anyone are, really, just annoying. They don’t know anything about the people they’re trying to contact, about how they speak or work or live their daily lives. B2B telemarketing is about connecting one business with another in a symbiotic relationship. It is about updating client profiles and furthering business development for both parties. We all have something we need and something we have to offer and the goal is to find the common ground between these two ideas. Ultimately, it’s about having a thorough understanding of the people you are trying to target and about how they like to be communicated with. It is about creating relationships with those people and those companies and achieving a higher level of credibility on all sides.

The Ceremony Was Perfect!

My beach wedding was going to be beautiful. I had everything planned down to the finest detail. I knew that weather would play a large part in having the perfect ceremony. Alternative plans were made at the resort just in case of an afternoon shower. The staff was ready to change the location to indoors at the last minute if necessary. I was hoping that the showers could be avoided, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It was not going to be a simple wedding. Most people who decide to have a wedding on the beach keep it slightly more simple. I wanted the works for mine. The only place I made comfortable concessions with was my stiletto heels. The bridesmaids and I worse wedge flip flops. They even matched the dresses. Naturally you expect a breeze by the water. I made certain that all of the floral decorations were secured tightly and ribbons around the chairs were not going to blow away. I wanted the candle ceremony section added to my wedding, but decided on the sand ceremony instead. The candles would definitely be difficult to keep ignited. The sand ceremony went along with the beach wedding and gave a definite theme. I was so happy, the weather was beautiful, the sunset was the most magnificent one I had ever seen, and my groom was the most loving, and handsome man on earth. What girl could ask for more?